Both trafficators required looking at. The nearside one would not go up, and the offside one would not go down.

The nearside fault was traced to the wire going from the live connection to the coil, where the sleeve covering the wire had broken down, allowing a partial short to occur, and the coil not energising enough.

The offside one, (shown below,) was due to a spring clip just touching the metalwork when the trafficator was fully open, causing just enough friction to stop it from returning.

The offside trafficator in pieces (the orange indicator broke off too!!!)

A new wire was also required for the lamp

Offending spring bent back out of the way of the bracket

Lens glued back together

And re-fitted

All back together

Bracket re-fitted and ready for the car

Now you see it.....

..... Now you don't

Nearside now you see it.....

Nearside now you don't