Phil's Telescope Pages

Welcome to my new telescope pages. On these pages I have added information about my telescope and any projects I have undertaken with it. See the links below for more information.


My Europa 200 f6


Recent completed projects include:

bullet Digital Setting Circles
bullet SkyMap Pro Driver for DSC
bullet ToUCam Pro II Long Exposure Modification
bullet Electronic Focuser
bullet DSC + Focuser Mark II PCB (Tidy up original project board)
bullet Camera CCD Peltier Cooler / Temperature Monitor


Current Projects

bullet New Improved Peltier Cooled TouCam Pro II Camera / Temperature Monitor
bullet DSC Mark III
bullet Telescope Pier


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I have cut out the foam packing that arrived with the encoder and hardware kit for the DSC. It suited the equipment I have perfectly.


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Last updated 2nd December 2009