All lined up and ready for action!!!

All the electric guitars are from e-bay, two new and two second hand.

Sigma Guitars DM-1 Acoustic

 First guitar bought over 20 years ago, but seldom used.

Black Stratocaster

 First electric guitar was new off e-bay back in 2009, when I decided to get back into playing.


Red Cruiser by Crafter

35 e-bay guitar. Needed a little TLC but works fine. Have replaced the humbuckers and rewired them, with the addition of push-pull pots to give me a great range of different tones. Also had an Earvana nut fitted.


Lightning Wicked by Swiftmusic

Bought new, just wanted something with 24 frets to get those higher notes. Also came with a Floyd-Rose, so that was a new challenge as well.

Sunburst Stratocaster

A real second hand bargain. Bought for under 30 and it also came with the Boss DS1 pedal. Nice low action too.


Boss DS1 Pedal

Came with my Sunburst Stratocaster bargain. Never really used it since I have the Rp300 anyway.

DigiTech RP200

First effects pedal to own. Not used much now as I upgraded to the RP300.

DigiTech RP300

Upgrade from the RP200. Greater flexibility over the sound that is reproduced over the RP200. Great fun.


Zoom MRS-1044 10 Track Recorder

Another e-bay purchase. Got fed up playing along to tunes and not being able to play it back. Great little recorder and modified it to use a CF memory card instead of the internal disk. Makes backing up a breeze.

Computer Setup

Laptop with second screen. Use my own home grown converter program to convert the Zoom recorder files to WAV's, and use either Reaper or Kristal to mix the tracks.