Fuel Pump

The fuel pump had always been a bit temperamental, and quite often it would not start up when the ignition was turned on. The answer was, (and has been for a number of years apparently), to give it a whack with whatever is at hand!!!

I tried to start the car on 14/6/2011 after replacing a dead battery and the pump stayed silent, and no amount of hitting it would make any difference so it had to come off.

The pump off of the car

With the end cover removed showing the points arrangement

The pump component parts

 The points were cleaned and the moving parts lubricated

The contact blade was also cleaned and the rocker pivot pin cleaned and lubricated

The guide rollers were cleaned...

...and the diaphragm checked for holes

The gasket between the sandwich plate and the pump body had perished, so a new one was manufactured

The pump body was cleaned of old gasket

As was the sandwich plate

Assembly drawing of the fuel pump, showing how it all fits together.

The unit was then adjusted and refitted according to the instructions found on the Morris Register website.

I then placed the pump back into the car, but with the outlet pipe and control wire both disconnected. This would allow me to see if any fuel was being pumped and also enable me to switch the pump off quickly.

The ignition was switched on, the wire attached and the pump started. I was sure I could smell petrol fumes coming from the outlet pipe, and before long I was greeted with fuel.

Everything was then put back as it should be and the engine turned over - and she started!!!

There is life in the old girl again.