Floorboards and rear seat

The following pictures show the work that was undertaken to replace the Morris Eight floorboards and rear seat woodwork.

20th June 2010

After removing only one piece of floorboard, I wondered what I had taken on!!!

First two boards removed (getting there)

The piece under the rear seat was full of Woodworm.

A closer shot of the piece under the rear seat!!!

The rear offside piece faired just as badly

21st June 2010

All of the floor was now removed.....

22nd June 2010

Now for the rear seat!!!

The four nuts and  bolts under the lining were removed

Then the two rear nuts and bolts

The staples were carefully removed from the wheel arch lining pieces

Two more nuts and bolts were found and removed

More staples found and removed

The rear seat removed

28th June 2010

WBP Plywood bought for the floorboards and the rear seat. Over the next few days the parts were cut out, drilled and countersunk where necessary and individually test fitted to the car.

6th July 2010

The new floorboards were made from WBF, (Weather and Boil Proof,) Plywood

The underside showing the extra wood added, to raise the edges that meet the cross-members

All of the old pieces.....

..... and all of the new pieces (Spot the difference)

8th July 2010

Test fit of the new rear floorboards.....

..... and the new front floorboards too

Rear floorboard supports held in place after positioning. The rear tunnel had its first coat of paint applied, to see how it looked.

Then screwed in place

Test fit of rear support pieces

11th July 2010

All of the wood was then sprayed with woodworm treatment

14th July 2010

First coat of paint applied to all pieces

First coat of paint applied for the cross-members.....

..... all of the brackets for the front floorboards and access covers.....

..... and the rear tunnel

26th July 2010

The inner side metalwork was rubbed down.....

..... and made ready for its first coat

The first coat applied

Second coat applied to the floorboards

27th July 2010

All seat support metalwork rubbed down and ready for first coat of paint

First coat applied to rear seat metalwork. A second coat was applied to the front metalwork at the same time.

28th July 2010

Brackets refitted to the footwell piece

First floorboard finally fitted

Next pieces assembled

Looking good so far

Next the rear seat front was added

Next the rear tunnel was fixed in place, and the rear and middle sections added (including the Klaxon under the offside middle section)

The whole floorboard is in!!!

The carpet was thoroughly cleaned and placed back in the car

Looking more like a car by the minute

Next the front seat wooden supports were added

And finally the newly repaired front seats

Very pleased with the results

Just the back seat to tackle now

The more observant of you probably noticed that I haven't painted the rear seat front support piece. This was because we were running out of time to attend a show on 1st August. Since the rear seat woodwork is fairly straightforward it was decided that we would remove it again later to paint.

29th July 2010

The old rear seat base was used as a template, and the new piece was cut from the remaining WBP Plywood I had used for the floorboards.

Rear axle inspection cover cut-out

Inspection cover support pieces

Inspection cover support and rear support pieces screwed in

Not a bad fit, just needed a little touching up here and there

I then Drilled the holes for the seat back fixing, and added the seat cushion (Not the original, I know, but it is what was fitted)

It will do for the show!!!

2nd August 2010

Offside filler piece cut and test fitted

Nearside filler piece cut and test fitted

Note the inspection cover with handy handle fitted

All parts were sprayed with woodworm treatment

Not forgetting the cover

Summer Holidays 7th-14th August 2010 so no work was done for a while.

15th-19th August 2010

Over the next few days two coats of paint each side were applied to the rear seat.....

.....Inspection cover and.....

.....other odds and ends.

20th August 2010

This trim piece was left on the old rear seat until required

With all staples and seat support piece removed

Now on its new home

The rear seat front back in its place

Almost there!!!

Rear seat top fixed in position

Nearside interior fitted

Under the rear seat front showing staples holding trim

Offside interior fitted

The inspection cover and seat back were placed in position

And then the rear seat cushion. We didn't staple the trim much, as our Winter plan is to strip down to a rolling chassis.

With both front seats re-fitted

Not too bad for a first attempt

It will see us through the rest of the year.....

.....so watch this space!!!!