The following pictures show the work done to repair the doors.

24th August 2010

Before we started

Foam left over from seat repair used to protect outer skin of door

Trim all removed

Check strap screws removed

Hinge screws removed

We seem to be missing a door.....

...Aha. There it is!!!

This bracket looks like it should have had some form of rolling door rubber fitted??? Anybody know?

Middle screw removed

Support piece removed

Door handle extra piece removed

Centre support L/H nail removed

Centre support R/H nail removed

Side/bottom joining screws removed

27th August 2010

All of the nails removed

Centre wooden piece removed

More screws removed

And this one hiding away

Bottom of door metal bent back to remove the rusty piece

Measurements were taken from the door bottom edge.... three different places

This will help to ensure the new piece is fixed in the correct position

This is as far as we have got with the doors, but more details will be added as we do more work.